What is The Holocaust?

The Holocaust pic 1 - Warsawghetto

Unfortunately, the question “What is the holocaust?” is a common question asked by far too many people.

The Holocaust is generally defined as the systematic, state sponsored persecution and slaughter of 6 million European Jews.

As you begin to study holocaust facts you will learnthat though the Jewish race was the primary target or victimthere were approximately 5 million other innocent people thatfell prey to the Nazi regime.

Prior to World War II there were 9 million Jews residing inEurope. Two-thirds of the European Jewish population weremurdered from 1933 to 1945.

The other groups that were targeted and destroyed were handicaps,Romani (commonly know as “Gypsies”), Soviet prisoners of war,Polish and Soviet civilians.

Jehovah’s witness, homosexuals, other political and religiousopponents whether they were German or non-German ethnic originwere all included in the slaughter.

From year 1933 to 1945 there were 11 million precious livesthat ended abruptly.

The term holocaust comes from the Greek word holokauston, ananimal sacrifice offered to a god in which the (holos) animalis completely burnt (kaustos).

This Greek pagan custom is considered very offensive to the jewsso they prefer the term “Shoah”. Shoah is a biblical word whichmeans “calamity” and this has become the standard Hebrew term forthe Holocaust.

You may ask why this level of state-sponsored genocide happened? or why the mass murder of 11 million people was allowed?

In the mid 1930’s the overall mood in Germany was depressing.The worldwide economic depression had hit the country hard.World War I defeat 15 years prior was fresh in the minds ofmany Germans.

The stage was set for the rise of a new leader…………

Adolf Hitler
Hitler pic 1 - hitlerbowAdolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, an Austrian born to a poor peasant family wouldbegin to cast his spell on Germans desperate for change.

Hitler was a powerful speaker and seducer. His speeches appealedto the unemployed, young people and the middle class that werelonging for change.

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazis had a rapid rise to power and Hitler was appointed the chancellor, the head of the German government.

Hitler was basically unknown and within a few years he was a dictatorand believed to be the savior of Germany.

Not only would Hitler believe he could save Germany he wanted toconquer the world.

Hitler pic 2 - Hitlernazisalute

In order to succeed in this world wide dictatorship his race mustbe pure.

Years before Hitler rose to power he was obsessed with his beliefs of racial “purity” and superiority of the “Germanic race”.

He defined this belief as Aryan “master race”. Aryan’s were blond haired, blue-eyed and tall.

Hitler’s warped ideology became the governments main focus whenhe and the Nazi party came to power in 1933.

Once Hitler came to power and stole the hearts of the majority ofthe German population. Hitler began to steal and brand the Germansminds with his ideology of racism and hate.

Thus the stage was set for a state-sponsored and government approved”ethnic cleansing” genocide known as……The Holocaust.