Treblinka was a death camp during the holocaust that had a sole purpose to murder as many Jews as possible that were transported on the trains.

The camp was located in Poland about 62 miles from Warsaw the capital.

Established in July of 1942 the camp was ready to receive and dispose of the first transport of prisoners.

The camp was actually divided into two areas Treblinka I and II.

Area I was the labour camp and area II was the extermination camp.

Some of the first to die at this camp came from the Warsaw ghetto.

As the freight cars pulled into the station and up to 3,000 prisoners were herded off they were killed and cremated within 3 hours.

The process was as follows:

1.) Trains pulled into the dock with prisoners.

2.) There was a fake railway station set as a decoy.

3.) Prisoners were sent to undress and women had their heads shaved. All clothing and personal belongings confiscated.

4.) To the gas chambers with hands held up to pack room to capacity.

5.) Bodies tranported to be burned.

The pit that burned the bodies was on fire 24 hours a day. The Jewish slave labor group of sonderkommandos kept the fire stoked.

The sonderkommandos were also the ones that managed to stage a successful resistance along with other prisoners in the labor camp in August of 1943.

The prisoners mananged to steal some weapons to wage war on the Nazi guards. Some Nazis were killed aa a result.

The resistance fighters set some of the buildings ablaze in the camp. During the uprising many prisoners tried to escape and only about 500 to 600 were successful.

The camp did suffer damage during this revolt and would close roughly a year later.

It is believed that close to 1 million innocent Jews perished at the hands of unmerciful Nazis and less than 100 survivors lived to tell the story of the crimes that were committed.

Listen to one of the survivors tell his experience at the camp below: