Once You Learn Holocaust Facts…..
What Would You Do?

In my heart I have asked myself this question over and over.I hope as you click through Holocaust Facts that you will keep “What would I do?” in the center of your heart.

As I read and hear of the tragic stories that happened to a human race during World War II it is horrifying to know the holocaust happened in the twentieth century.

One characteristic that we all have as human beings is that we do not truly know what we are capable of doing under pressure.

We all would like to believe that we would make good Samaritan and humanitarian decisions but we really do not know our hearts.

Take a moment and learn the holocaust facts to help you understand how Adolf Hitler was able to implement”The Final Solution”.

Here in the United States we are known as “The Land of the Free”. Our freedom sometimes makes it difficult torelate to bondages in other countries.

As you go through this site ask yourself “What would I do if?”………I have been enjoying my life, family and business.

All of a sudden there is legislation passed by the government to remove my race from civil society.

My business is boycotted.

My children can no longer go to school to get an education.

My house of worship is burned.

My family had to wear a yellow star so everyone could know what race we were and they had to avoid any association with us.

You and several other families are confined to an overcrowded Ghetto then shipped in cattle cars toa concentration camp.

When you arrive at the concentration camp you are ripped from your wife, husband or children not knowing your or their fate.

Examine your heart. Would you be a survivor?A collaborator? Hero? Liberator?

Hopefully after going through holocaust facts you will help change the future because you know what happened in the past.

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The Holocaust
The Holocaust – The systematic, state sponsored persucution and genocide (mass murder) of 6 million Jews in Europe
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was motivated by his quote
Hitler The Artist
Adolf Hitler the Artist
Hitler The Dictator
Hitler’s Rise to Power
Holocaust Concentration Camps
The Nazis established about 20,000 holocaust concentration camps to confine, persecute and murder any potential enemies of their regime.
Kristallnacht : Background and Aftermath of German Approved Crime Against Jews
The persecutions suffered by the Jews leading up to Kristallnacht.
Yellow Star of David
The yellow star was badge of shame and ant-Semitism during the holocaust.
Holocaust Ghettos
Holocaust ghettos were Jewish confinement quarters within Europe.
Death Camps During the Holocaust
Death Camps during the holocaust primary function was genocide of the Jewish race.
Children Of The Holocaust
Children of the holocaust lived a nightmare. Some survived many did not.
Holocaust Heroes
Holocaust heroes were ordinary people with outstanding courage that risked their lives and families life to save lives of Jews during the holocaust.
Holocaust Survivor Stories
Holocaust survivor stories will help you see what man is capable of doing without God.
Holocaust Collaborators
Holocaust collaborators where the hands of Hitler. These men executed genocide
Hitler Youth
Hitler youth were the future of Nazi Germany
Holocaust News
Holocaust News from Past, Current and Future
Holocaust Liberation
Holocaust Liberation began in 1944 when the Soviet Union liberated Maidanek death camp.
Statehood of Israel
The Statehood of Israel was miraculous and prophetic.God said and it was.
Holocaust Monuments
Holocaust monuments are a way to memorialize a tragic event that must never happen again.
Lodz Ghetto
The Lodz ghetto was the only ghetto during the holocaust not controlled by Hitler’s SS.
Warsaw Ghetto Hospital
Warsaw ghetto hospital during holocaust worked to save the lives the Nazis were destroying.
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
Warsaw ghetto uprising was the largest and most famous resistance by the Jews against the Nazis.
Treblinka was a death camp of mass execution during the holocaust
Nuremberg Trials
The Nuremberg Trials in Germany where 24 former Nazi leaders during the holocaust received their judgement.
Hidden Children During the Holocaust
Hidden Children during the holocaust lives depended on years of complete silence in cramped quarters.