Holocaust liberation or better known as liberation of Nazi camps began in 1944 approximately a year before the end of World War II.

The horrors of what the Western allied forces saw when they entered the Nazi death camps was indescribable.

The reports and stories were so graphic that very few believed that the scenes could be as bad as reporters were portraying.

The first camp that experienced holocaust liberation was Maidanek in Poland where approximately 1.5 million persons were killed in the gas chambers.

The retreating German Nazis began to fear their end was near and began to try and destroy any and all evidence of genocide.

The Nazis began in haste to burn crematoriums but there was too much evidence of mass murder to hide it all.

There was no way to cover up the murder of 10 to 11 million people of which 6 million were Jews.

The gas chambers remained standing as well as the mountain of corpses, mass graves, clothing(men,women and children),shoes of all sizes, gold, massive amounts of human hair, etc.

Here are some photos of what was discovered.

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The overwhelming evidence of genocide was the survivors that were left behind in the concentration camps and the prisoners that were left behind on the death marches.

The survivors were like skeletons with a thin layer of skin. The walking dead.

Some were unable to walk and were one breath away from death.

skeletonsIn spite of the survivors physical condition a multitude were forced to leave the camps by the Nazis on what would be considered a Death March.

The death marches were forced to avoid capture and exposure of the crimes being committed.

Prisoners were forced to walk for up to 35 miles in inclement weather and any person to weak to endure was left behind to die or were killed by gunshot.

Many prisoners knew that the war had begun to shift in favor of the West which gave many the desire to survive.

One by one the concentration camps began to be liberated.

Holocaust liberation was the beginning of the end and a new beginning for all those that had survived. There were so many destitute and despondent survivors.

As the liberators approached the camps they could not believe their eyes and noses. Death and disease permeated the air and grounds of the camps.

The liberators hearts sank as they witnessed the truth that was trying to be hidden for 12 years.

The soldiers that were liberating the camps so wanted to help the starving and dying. They offered their rations but this would prove to be fatal to the survivors.

The survivors ravaging desire to eat would cost them their lives as their bodies needed to slowly adjust to a healthy diet after being malnourished for so long.

liberation2All the survivors were overjoyed about being rescued but it was mixed with anger and resentment.

So many questioned why it took so long while others priority was to find family members.

Liberation was a joyous but difficult time for the survivors as they found out the fate of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and grandparents.

This was a time of rebuilding and mending.

There was a Displaced Persons Camp set up for the survivors. The DP camp was to provide shelter, nutrition and health care.

As the displaced persons were nursed back to health they began to search for family and they moved from camp to camp in hope of finding at least one relative.

Families had been moved from concentration camp to concentration camp, dead or so unrecognizable because of malnutrition and disease that it was difficult to find relatives.

Trying to find family in Europe after Liberation and the end of World War II was like the expression “finding a needle in a hay stack”.

displacedchildSo many children, young people and adults holding up signs with their last name in hope that someone would recognize them and lead them to a relative.

There were some joyous reunions and some devestating revelations as the days progressed after the holocaust liberation and the survivors found out the fate of loved ones.