artworkstorOne of Hitler’s favorite subjects in school was art andhe had dreams of becoming an artist which enraged his father who was hoping he would become a civil servant like himself.

There was constant strife with his father over his careerchoice. His father sent him to a technical school which emphasized on math and science.

Young Adolf wanted to attend classical school so he could pursuehis dream. He hoped his inability to excell in technical schoolwould help his father see that his calling was to be an artist.

With his heart and mind set on art he failed his first yearin technical school but did manange to make better grades hissecond year of technical high school.

In young Adof’s second year of high school is when he becamevery interested in the ideals of German nationalism.

German nationalism was the extreme ideal of Germany beinga superior country above all other countries.

In 1903 the death of young Adolf’s father would open thedoor of opportunity for freedon to pursue his will to becomean artist.

At age 13 he was now considered the head of the householdand recieved a monthly pension check from his father’s civilservice career as well as an inheritance.

This would be a major pivotal point in his life. Now that the strong hand of his father was removed he could easily seduce his mother to do anything his heart desired.

Klara, Adolf’s mother, wanted her son to do well on one hand but would spoil him on the other hand. He was unrestrained and unregulated by any commands. No one could keep him in line and respectable.

School days became a time of recess and pranks for Adolf and the result was failure. When he was told that he would have to repeat the whole years work he was able to seduce his mother to allow him to quit school.

Upon leaving school at the age of 17 he went in pursuit of his dream to Vienna.

Vienna, capital city of the empire and one of the world’s most important centers of art, music and old-world European culture.

Adolf withdrew his inheritance money to enroll and taking the entrance exam to Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time his mother was suffering from an unsuccessful breast cancer surgery.

The results of the two day entrance exam would be a humbling experience for Adolf as he failed. Not able to handle rejectionand failure well he went to the instructors for an explanation.

He was told his work lacked talent for artistic painting but he might find some success in archeticture so he applied to the Vienna School of Architecture but was not admitted because he did not have a school leaving certificate.

Rejected and dejected Adolf returned home to his ailing mother who died on Dec. 21st not long after he had gotten back from Vienna.

Adolf went back to live in Vienna and lived like a homeless person. He still painted and sold his paintings mainly to Jewish shop owners assisted by Josef Neumann, a Jew he befriended.

Adolf’s life and mentality changed while living homeless on the Vienna park benches.

He believed that his lack of acceptance in the Vienna School of Art had everything to do with the large Jewish staff and instructors.

Another bitter root was the fact that Dr. Edward Bloch, who was Jewish and the family doctor had not done all he could do to prevent his beloved mothers’ death.

The foundation of rejection, disappointment, bitterness, offense, anti-semetism and German nationalism has been laid in the heart of Adolf Hitler. He was determined to prove he could succeed.