1389.4 Holocaust E If the holocaust is heart-breaking the children of the holocaust and their stories is heart-ripping. If you have a heart when you hear what infants and toddlers had to see and face you will cry.

Those of us with children should be the most sensitive and condoling of anyone. We as parents desire for our children to be blessed and have a life as good or better than our own.

What pleasure it brings to see your child happy and fulfilled enjoying the pleasures that life can bring.

Unfortunately, the children during the holocaust had the right and privilege of happiness stripped from them. Most of the holocaust children could not understand what was happening that made them different than other boys and girls in Europe.

Between 1939 and 1945 there were approximately 1.2 million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis.

The children during the holocaust that were below age 13 rarely survived as they were seen as unfit for hard labor in the concentration camps so they were sent directly to the death camps.

The holocaust children that were spared immediate death died slowly in the ghettoes or labor camps from starvation and dehydration.

This was a real hell on earth for the Jewish people. Not one person except the holocaust survivors themselves can explain the emotional turmoil that was felt.

The majority of the holocaust children had lived normal lives and lacked for nothing prior to Hitler taking charge so you can imagine the shock of starvation and death.

The children and youth that were not sentenced to immediate death (12 and up) were exposed to incredible torture in the concentration camps at the hands of “The Angel of Death”.

mengeleDr. Josef Mengele was a so called Nazi physician at the Auschwitz Concentration camp. The way he got his nickname “The Angel of Death” is from the camp inmates.

The camp inmate survivors said Dr. Mengele would greet new arrivals standing on a platform in his white coat at the entrance of Auschwitz with arms extended out to determine left or right, gas chambers or harsh labor.

Dr. Mengele performed human experimentation on the children of the holocaust. Unimaginable demented experiments without any anesthesia.

Children’s eyes were injected with chemicals to try and change eye color, injected with germs to see reaction, sex change procedures, blood transfusions one to another, frozen to death and countless other psychopathic actions.

Twin children of the holocaust were an obsession to Mengele. The twins that suffered at the hands of Mengele were from age 5 and up.

Some of the twin children were sewn together, organs and limbs removed and transplanted. After the surgeries were completed the children were murdered and dissected.

Heartless, merciless and inhuman was the treatment of Jewish children in Europe.

Just the seperation from the parents at such a young age would be enough to give parent and child a cardiac arrest. One could never imagine the literal heartaches of the Jewish parents except them alone.

There were some heroes of the holocaust that still had a heart of flesh and not stone that would not and could not sit idle and watch the crimes being committed against humanity.

The brave souls of few began to hide as many children as possible in their homes in attics, trunks, cabinets, dugout holes underneath wood floors of active barns.

Some families took refuge in underground sewers with their young which exposed them to rats and various life-threatening diseases.

There are so many stories worthy of being told to the world but there is one story of hiding that did not end as a survivor story and that is the story of Anne Frank.
AnneFrankAnne Frank was 13 years old when her family went into hiding for 2 years in a hidden office where her father worked.

Anne Frank began to write of her life in Nazi occupied Netherlands during World War II in a diary she received as a gift from her father Otto Frank.

The diary of Anne Frank really depicts well the life of a child in Hitler’s takeover of Europe.

Children of the holocaust had to remain quiet for weeks and months. They could hear and sometimes see the non-Jewish children laughing playing and running.

Jewish children could only dream of playing and doing the fun activities they were accustomed to being able to freely do.

Many children of the holocaust did not see the light of day for years until the war ended.

Silence and quiet were crucial to survive. Can you imagine how tense life was for parents of infants and toddlers to keep silent and immobile? Life and death depended on silence.

Please pray for complete healing for the survivors that were children during this horrific period of time and also the family of the victims that endured as long as they could in hope of being liberated.

There are many stories of children survivors and hidden children that I will try and cover moving forward.