adolfhitlerinfantWhat happened to this man Adolf Hitler? What caused him to be the leader of the largest genocide in the history of mankind?

He totally believed that “my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty.”— Adolf Hitler.

There is a process to get to this level of deception to beconvinced that the Almighty God would approve of the persecutionand mass murder of 11 million men, women and children.

As we begin to look into the future dictators’ life from peasantchild to a ruthless dictator we will really see what spirithe was in accordance with.

His personality was affected by many misfortunes anddisappointments. He allowed anger and hatred to consume him.

He developed an evil, satanic, blasphemous spirit and he was able to make a great number of disciples follow himto commit unthinkable acts of murder.

Hitler’s Youth


Hitler was born in an Austrian town near theGerman border to a poor peasant family. Hitler’sparents names were Alois and Klara.

Although Adolf had siblings it was only he and his sisterPaula that survived to become adults. Their father Aloiswas very abusive and would savagely beat him if he didnot obey.

You can see that the foundation of abusiveness had beenestablished in the heart of Hitler. In spite of the abuseAdolf excelled in school and was popular with his friends.

He was a leader in school at a young age and very religiouswhich was the result from attending a monastery school.

For about two years Hitler considered becoming a priest.

The young Adolf enjoyed playing games that involved fightingand war. He loved playing the role of a commando rescuer savingprisoners from concentration camps.

One day as Adolf was going through some of his father’s booksHe found a military book of the War of 1870-71 between theGermans and the French.

He read this book continuously and he became obsessed withanything connected with war. He credited the finding of thisbook as being his greatest spiritual experience.

Adolf loved being in control and giving orders so he spentmost of his time with children much younger than him to bea young dictator but he absolutely despised being corrected himself.

You will begin to see the result of Adolf’s abusive father, personal tragedies and the hatred for correction as he progressed in years. He grew increasingly bitter and stubborn which lead to his destruction.